Islamic Brokerage

Unilateral Wa'ad to enter into a Foreign Currancy Sale/Purchase Agreement

Islamic Commodity Hedging

Islamic Convertible Investment

Wakalah Business Account

Islamic Back-to-Back Letter of Credit

Musharakah Overdraft (Corporate Clients)

Islamic Credit Card (Tawarruq)

Corporate Murabahah Financing

Retail Current Account

Savings & Investments Accounts (Mudarabah)

Ijarah – Third Party Procurement

Ijarah – Sale & Leaseback

Absolute Murabahah Investment

Fixed Deposit (Tawarruq)

Structured Murabahah Investment

Developers Trust Accounts

Islamic Personal Finance

Islamic FX Forward (Wa’ad)

Structured Wakalah Investment

Share Finance (Murabahah)

Sukuk Finance (Murabahah)

Islamic Profit Rate Swap (Tawarruq/ Wa’ad)

Islamic Credit Support

Islamic Factoring / Receivable Finance (Wakalah)

Islamic Preshipment Finance (Musawamah)

Collateralized Murabahah (Tawarruq)

Islamic Business Secured Finance

Islamic Equity Options and Structured Solutions - New Documents (Wa’ad)

Islamic Post-Shipment Export Finance (Tawarruq)

Funded FX Trading (Wa’ad & Wakalah)

Financing Solution for occupied properties

Construction / Manufacturing Finance (Istisna')

Corporate Current Account

Corporate Convenience Account (Wakalah)

Wakalah Fixed Deposit

Islamic Guarantee (Kafalah)

Islamic Shipping Guarantee (Murabahah)

Interbank Deposits (Wakalah)

Islamic Letter of Credit

Murabahah Trust Receipt

Islamic Avalisation

Islamic Home Finance (Ijarah)

Vehicle Finance

Islamic Equity Tracker (Wakalah)

Brokers’ Documents for Commodity Murabahah

Export LC

FI Overnight Wakalah (USD/AED)

Late Payment Fees and the Commitment to Donate It

Guidelines for the Islamic Window

Security Documents

Brokerage Service to customer for Shari'ah compliant fixed income securities