Nature Saver Account

An Environmentally friendly

Savings account

Up to 2.50% p.a.

Credited monthly

Set your

Monthly contribution %

Select your

Sustainable Development Goal

Simply download the Mashreq Mobile App to apply

Make a difference

Be a part of Mashreq’ commitment to address the environmental and sustainability challenges that our planet faces; by providing sustainable finance products and services to support our customers in their sustainable journey. Support our green initiative and contribute in your own special way to sustainable goals that matter.

Discover great benefits

Your Nature Saver Account offers anticipated profit rates of up to 2.50% per annum and the profit is credited to your account monthly. You can also make an unlimited number of withdrawals whenever you like.

Instant Set up

Make a difference with your Nature Saver Account as you can instantly set-up it up via Mobile banking.


Higher profit and greater saving
The Nature Saver Account is the perfect savings solution to earn higher profit rates. It calculates profit on the daily balance in your account and credits it on a monthly basis to your account.
Existing Mashreq customers can open a Nature Saver Account through Mashreq Mobile
It’s easy for Mashreq Customers.
Minimum balance & Maximum saving
Start saving today by simply maintaining a minimum balance of AED 3,000.
Simple & Easy
No paperwork to open the account. Unlimited transfers and debit card withdrawals permitted with no loss of profit.

Enjoy a free Debit Card

The Nature Saver Account gives you the flexibility to access your savings easily via your complimentary Debit Card.

Innovating for Sustainability: Our Green Transition

Mashreq is pioneering a shift towards environmental consciousness in banking. We’re transforming the mundane into the meaningful by replacing conventional plastic with 100% recycled plastic in our credit and debit cards and streamlining our card stationery and welcome packs with minimalist, sleek designs and the use of recycled paper. It’s a step towards a greener future, one card at a time.


Minimum Monthly Income
AED 5,000
Mashreq Account
Customers who already hold an active Current or Savings Account with Mashreq. 
Must be 18 years old and above. A minor (below the age of 18) can apply along with a guardian.

You will need

Absolutely no paperwork! Simply open the account through Mashreq Mobile
Terms & Conditions, click here.

Still got questions?

It is an account that enables you to support initiatives that address Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s, including environment protection, climate action and preservation of natural ecosystems.
If at any point during the month your relationship balance falls below AED 3,000, you will be charged a “fall below fee” of AED 21. This fee will be charged only once during a month.
No, it is available in AED only.
If you are a non-resident, you first need to open a Savings Account with Mashreq Al Islami after which you can open a Nature Saver Account online.
Wakala is a Shari'ah compliant contract, in which the customer can authorise the Wakil (the bank) to invest funds in Shari'ah approved activities for profits.
You are allowed to open only one Nature Saver account through Mashreq Online/ Mobile.
Yes, if you select more than one goal, your contribution (% of return) shall be equally distributed.
Yes, you can change the profit contribution % at any time during the month via Mashreq Mobile/Online.
We currently have 2 goals – Protecting UAE biodiversity with Emirates Nature WWF and Reversing damage and nature loss. We shall be adding more goals in future.
Yes, you will be able to see these transactions on your bank statement.
Kindly visit here.
The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are the world's highest decision-making body on climate issues and one of the largest international meetings in the world. The host of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, or Conference of the Parties (COP28) will be the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Learn more
Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Emirates Nature-WWF centres its mission on nature and biodiversity conservation. WWF, initially focused on safeguarding endangered species like the Giant Panda, has grown into the largest environmental NGO addressing biodiversity loss and climate change. The organization's legacy revolves around the protection of species, symbolized by its iconic logo.
  • Safeguarding Flagship Species
  • Tracking and Monitoring Behaviours of Species
  • Mapping Migration Patterns and Interactions
  • Empowering Citizen Science for Awareness
  • Precision Data Collation for Decision-Making
  • Contributing to Species Safety Policy
Enhancing Habitat and Ecosystem Protection From the mountains and mangroves to its desert and coastline, the UAE is home to many different ecosystems which are under threat from rapid growth, hunting, tourism, and more. So by working closely with partners and local communities, Emirates Nature-WWF’s commitment extends to the comprehensive protection and restoration of habitats and ecosystems, ensuring the sustained well-being of diverse flora and fauna.
  • Revitalizing Wadi and Mountain Ecosystems
  • Preserving Environments for Optimal Species Thriving
  • Mitigating Damage and Nature Loss resulting from Natural Disasters and Climate Change
  • Promoting the Natural heritage and Landscape of the UAE through Eco-tourism

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