Mudarabah Term Investment Account

Enjoy higher returns

with greater flexibility

7 days to 1 year

Flexible tenors

Based on the Islamic Structure


Quarterly profit payouts

Based on Mudarabah pool rates

Available in Foreign Currency

Mudarabah Term Investments can be booked in not only AED, but in USD, EUR & GBP currencies too.

Earn profit quarterly

You get profit on a quarterly basis even if the tenor is 1 year. You do not need to wait until maturity.

Easy booking and withdrawal

Book and withdraw your Mudarabah Term Investment at any time. Premature withdrawals will be eligible for the rate of the last completed tenor. A minimum term period of 1 month is required to be eligible for profit payout in case of premature (full) withdrawal of deposit.
Free Online, Mobile & Telebanking access
It’s good to know there are several methods to access funds wherever you are in the world.
Available for minors
A minor can apply for a Mudarabah Term Investment along with a guardian.
Automatic rollover facility
You can choose to automatically rollover your deposit on maturity.


Minimum investment AED 10,000 or USD 3,000 or GBP 2,500
Mashreq Al Islami Account Customers who already hold an active Current or Savings Account with Mashreq Al Islami
Age Must be 18 years old and above. A minor (below the age of 18) can apply along with a guardian.

You will need

A valid passport with a residence visa page for expatriates.
A valid Emirates ID

Still got questions?

Mudarabah Contract is a profit sharing arrangement wherein capital provider (Rabb-ul-Maal) bears the risk and the Manager of funds (Mudarib) contributes expertise and management skills to employ the funds in Shariah Compliant activities and obtain a rate of return.
This is disclosed by the Bank on a quarterly basis and is based on the Mudarabah Pool rates. To view our historic Mudarabah profit rates, click here. Important Notes: Profit Equalisation Reserve The Bank maintains a Profit Equalisation Reserve (PER) for the purpose of smoothening the returns to the Mudarabah account holders. The PER is deducted from Mudarabah income before deduction of the Bank’s share. Investment Risk Reserve The Bank maintains an Investment Risk Reserve (IRR) for the purpose of protecting the Mudarabah account holders from any investment losses in the future. The IRR is deducted from Mudarabah income after deduction of the Bank’s share.
Yes, you can avail a Credit card facility against your Mudarabah Term investment.
The profit share allocation for Mudarabah Term Investment Account based on the Mudarabah Contract is Mudarib’s (Bank) Share 90% and Customer’s Share 10%.
No. Partial withdrawal is not possible.
You must have existing Mashreq Al Islami Current or Savings Account to apply for a Mudarabah Term Investment.
You need to complete at least 1 month to be eligible for the profit payout. E.g. If a 3 month Term Investment is withdrawn prematurely within 25 days, it will not be eligible for the profit pay out.

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