Mashreq is committed to conducting its business maintaining the highest business and ethical standards and seeks to maintain a culture based on its values and considers it essential to prevent any unethical situations occurring and/or addressing them as and when they occur. Mashreq Whistleblowing Policy and Program is one aspect of the bank's overall approach to prevent and detect misconduct and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
Mashreq encourages its employees and associated parties to raise concerns through their normal contacts, reporting or escalation channels. Sometimes an individual may feel that they are unable to raise concerns through these channels. Mashreq Whistleblowing Program is an alternative way of raising concerns, available to all internal and external parties who wish to raise a Whistleblowing concern with a reassurance that they should be able to raise genuine concerns without fear of any retaliations or repercussions.
The Whistleblower is anyone who has direct/indirect relationship with the Bank including directors, employees (including employees of all subsidiaries), ex-employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, consultants, interns/trainees, auditors etc, who has reasonable grounds to suspect and report a concern.
A Whistleblower also has a choice of making an anonymous complaint, however not disclosing their details can restrict Mashreq’s ability to investigate, ask follow-up questions, provide feedback or protect the Whistleblower, if the Whistleblower cannot be contacted.
Mashreq treats all disclosures made by a Whistleblower as confidential and privileged to the greatest extent practicable and permitted by law and apply due care to keep the identity of the Whistleblower as confidential, if requested, unless such confidentiality is incompatible with a fair investigation, or such disclosure is required by law enforcements or regulatory authorities.
All cases will be reviewed and referred to the relevant independent subject matter experts for the investigation. The length of an investigation will vary depending upon the circumstances of each case. Once an investigation has been concluded, an investigator will give feedback where it is possible and practical to do so.

How to raise a concern

Anyone who wish to raise a Whistleblowing concern should raise their concerns via email - or through telephone +971-4-4246677 for talking to an officer or leaving a voice message.
In raising a Whistleblowing report, you consent that your data provided will be processed and handled for the purpose of investigating the concern. Any personal information that is provided by you will be collected and processed in accordance with Mashreq’s Data Privacy Policy and its Whistleblower Policy.

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