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Mashreq Al Islami is the strength of Mashreq for Sharia'h Compliant products and services, representing the Islamic Banking Window since 2009 - Licensed and regulated by the UAE Central Bank. A one stop shop for all the Islamic banking needs of the corporate world, Mashreq Al Islami provides client centric solutions, which comply with Sharia'h principles.

Blending experience with the latest technology, Mashreq Al Islami offers best in class Islamic financial products and services across industries. Our services, products and solutions are available for Trading, Real Estate, Services and Manufacturing, Contracting, Transaction Banking, Corporate Finance and many others; and are tailored to cater to all the corporate needs.

Mashreq Al Islami has an independent Internal Sharia'h Supervision Committee (ISSC) and an in house Islamic Finance Advisory and Sharia'h Controls division which is headed by secretary to the ISSC. The ISSC has entrusted the Islamic Finance Advisory and Sharia'h Controls division for implementation of the ISSC instructions as well as to review daily affairs of the Islamic business and operations for Sharia'h compliance. Mashreq Al Islami has a team of relationship managers who are sufficiently trained to deal in Sharia'h compliant products and they are specialized for each sector. They are equipped to walk clients’ through the intricacies of Islamic Finance and work to understand specific business requirements, to create value proposition for every client.