Credit Card Payment Options

You can pay your Mashreq Al Islami Credit Card balances using any of the below ways.

Direct Debit facility

Sign up for the direct debit facility from your Bank Account with Mashreq Al Islami, which will ensure that your Credit Card balances are paid off on the due date. You can also choose whether you wish to make full payment or minimum payment every month. Visit Mashreq Mobile or Online and sign up today.

Online/Mobile Transfer

If you have a Bank Account with Mashreq Al Islami, you can conveniently use Mashreq Mobile or Online anytime and from anywhere and make an instant transfer from your Bank Account towards your Credit Card balance.

Cash Deposit Machines (CCDMs)

Mashreq CCDMs are located at Mashreq branches as well as at major shopping malls and other easily accessible locations across the UAE. Simply visit any one of the conveniently located Mashreq CCDMs and make your payment in cash or cheque. Please remember to carry your Mashreq Al Islami Credit Card with you to make the payment. When paying by cheque at our CCDMs, payment must be made 3 working days before the due date to allow for clearing of your cheque before the Payment Due Date.

Exchange House

You can also pay your Mashreq Al Islami Credit Card balance at exchange houses through the UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS). Please note that the exchange house may levy a transaction fee for accepting the payment.

The following is a list of participating exchange houses:

Al Ansari Exchange
Al Ghurair Exchange
Redha Al Ansari Exchange
Al Rostamani International Exchange
Hadi Express Exchange
LM Exchange
Emirates India International Exchange
Alfa Exchange

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