Cashback Credit Card

Unlimited, up to 5% cashback

and it’s free for life

Unlimited Cashback

on every spend

Free for life

No annual fees

AED 1,000 Welcome Bonus

For new credit card customers: • AED 1,000 Welcome Bonus on the card when you spend AED 9,500 or more in the first 2 months post card issuance. • If you spend more than AED 5,000 (and less than AED 9,500) on the card, the cashback will be AED 500. For existing credit card customers: • AED 100 Welcome Bonus on the card when you spend AED 5,000 or more in the first 2 months post card issuance. For T&Cs please click here.

Enjoy unlimited cashback

5% cashback on dining spends in the UAE
2% cashback on international spends
1% cashback on other local spends
Earn 0.33% cashback for govt. payments, utilities, education, charity, fuel, rental, and telecom spends. Cashback is not applicable on bill payments made via Mashreq Online and Mashreq Mobile.

Get Instant Credit Card


20% cashback for the first 6 months at Zomato, Netflix and more.
Max. cashback of AED 50 per merchant per month. T&C's
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Still got questions?

Mashreq Al Islami credit card is a Shari’ah compliant credit card from Mashreq Al Islami based on the Islamic law which means that no interest is charged on the outstanding amount. It is governed by the Shari’ah concept of “TAWARRUQ”; Tawarruq is a financial transaction in which a customer purchases a commodity from a seller/bank on a deferred payment basis, and then sells the same commodity to a third party on a spot payment basis.
It means that the Credit Card is designed and developed under the Islamic laws, which is approved by the Internal Shari’ah Supervision Committee of the Bank. Mashreq Al Islami Credit Cards work like conventional credit cards; however, Mashreq Al Islami credit cards are Shari'ah compliant cards (no interest, no hidden cost). If the customer makes full payment of the card outstanding on or before the due date, then the Bank may waive the profit for that month at its sole discretion, however if the customer chooses to pay the minimum outstanding, the Tawarruq Profit rate will be applied on the remaining balance.
Yes, since the Mashreq Al Islami Cashback Credit Card is based on Shari’ah principles, it cannot be used for transactions prohibited by “Islam” such as gambling, alcohol and transactions at clubs, Pubs and Casinos etc. Such transactions will not be considered and will be declined immediately.
Tawarruq refers to the process of purchasing a commodity for a deferred price determined usually through Murabahah (Cost Plus Profit) and selling it to a third party for a spot price. The requirements of the contract for purchasing the commodity on deferred payment bases should be fulfilled. The commodity shall be real and well identified that the seller must own before selling it to the third party.
Tawarruq (commodity Murabaha) - Customer buys an easily saleable asset at a marked-up price (Tawarruq profit rate), to be paid at a later date, and quickly sells the asset to raise cash. Mashreq will do a commodity trade with the customer (cardholder) equal to the approved limit. The profit will be calculated at an agreed rate considering the full limit remained utilized for the full tenure. Once the profit is agreed in the total sales value will never change even if customer does not pay on time. However, Profit collected will be commensurate to the limit utilized.
  1. Customer signs up for the product by signing Master documents/Application form to agree on a pricing, a tenure for commodity trades and the product related T&C’s.
  2. Once credit evaluation is done and customer’s eligibility is approved, Mashreq will set up a current account (if customer requests for the same) which will be at customer’s disposal for any Shari’ah compliant use through credit card.
  3. Mashreq will do a commodity trade with the customer (cardholder).
  4. The cost price in the Total Sale Value (TSV) for the trade will be equal to the approved limit.
  5. The profit in the TSV will be calculated at the agreed rate considering the full limit remained utilized for the full tenure.
  6. Once the commodity trade is done, the proceeds of that trade will reach to customer’s card account which will be the limit that customer could utilize on the credit card.
  7. Whenever customer uses the credit card and revolves the amount, it will be considered utilization of limit.
  8. Customer will be billed for its utilization of the limit on monthly basis.
  9. Profit collected will also be commensurate to the limit utilized.
  10. The profit once agreed in the TSV will never change even if customer does not pay on time.
  11. Customer must pay a minimum payment amount to avoid late payment penalty.
  12. If the customer does not pay even the minimum payment amount, only the unpaid installment will be considered overdue, the unpaid sum will be considered utilization for the next till it is fully settled.
  13. If the Cardholder pays the full outstanding balance (limit utilized) on or before the due date, then the Bank may waive the profit for that month at its sole discretion, however if the customer chooses to pay the minimum outstanding payment amount, the Tawarruq Profit rate will be applied on the remaining balance. In this event, the statement sent to the Customer for that month will not include any profit charged for that month.
Your monthly income should be a minimum of AED 5,000.
The Mashreq Al Islami Cashback Credit Card is free for life for Primary as well as Supplementary Card(s).
No, there is no minimum spend requirement to earn cashback
All retails purchases made on your Card will be eligible for the cashback. Spends not qualified for cashback are: • Balance transfers • Local cash advances • Credit card cheques • Finance charges • All fees charged on the Card by the Bank • Transactions reversed by Merchants • Utility bill payments like telephone bills, water and electricity bills made through the Bank's payment channels like Call Center, Mashreq Online, ATM, Mobile Banking, Branches, or any other Bank's payment channel.
The cashback will be calculated on your statement date. For example: For customers with a statement date (billing cycle) on the 23rd - Spends posted between 23rd and 22nd of every month will be considered.
The cashback can be redeemed on achievement of a minimum of AED 100 as cashback balance. You can easily redeem from Mashreq Online / Mashreq Mobile Banking.
Yes, the cashback earned has a maximum validity of 36 months from the date of earning. If the cashback is not redeemed within this period, it will expire. Additionally, accumulated cashback will be forfeited in the below cases: You have not earned or redeemed any cashback in last twelve (12) months, or the Card account is delinquent.
Cashback will be earned on spends made on the supplementary card(s) as well. However, please note that the cashback can be redeemed only against the Primary Card account and will appear only on the statement of the Primary Card account.
The new cashback balance will appear in the monthly credit card statement. The cashback mentioned in the statement will be the cashback earned during that particular billing cycle.
The cashback earned can be redeemed upon your choice to the Credit Card account and will be applied directly to the outstanding balance of the card but does not count towards the minimum monthly payment on the card. The cashback is considered as a credit towards the card account and not as a payment, so you must still make the minimum monthly payment due on the card.
We understand that time is precious, and we bear this in mind in all we do. Therefore, we offer you clear payment convenience by giving you the option to make your payments through a variety of channels, however, please bear in mind the following important points: - Please don't lend your Credit Card to anyone - Please destroy all carbons and incorrect receipts - Try to avoid giving your Credit Card details over the phone - Never sign a blank charge slip/receipt - On your charge slips, always draw a line through blank spaces above the total, so the amount cannot be changed - Please check your billing statements with your charge slips/ receipts - If there are any questionable charges on your statement, please call Mashreq Al Islami Direct Banking Centre and inform us of your concerns - Notify us in advance in case of a change in your address by calling us - If your Credit Card is lost or stolen, contact Mashreq Al Islami Direct Banking Centre at 04 424 4411 immediately.
You can file a dispute for a Credit Card transaction by filling required details in the dispute form. Download the form and email the complete, signed form at

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