Home Finance

Our Home Finance solutions ensure that owning your home is a well-thought out and an easy commitment, without compromising on your beliefs or lifestyle. Our Ijarah solutions are suitable for a first-time buyer, as well as if you are looking to refinance from another bank.

How it works

Home Finance from Mashreq Al Islami is based on the concept of Ijara (lease-based financing). Under the Ijara agreement Mashreq Al Islami will buy the property and lease it to you for your use.
High finance amounts
Finance amounts up to AED 15 million are available to our Gold clients.
Attractive Profit rates
We offer attractive profit rates to support you in achieving your goals
Quick turnaround
As a Gold client, we will process your application quickly and efficiently.
Flexible repayment
Achieving your dreams is easier with our facility tenure of up to 25 years


Home Finance from Mashreq Al Islami is based on the Islamic concept of Ijara (lease-based financing). It is vetted by the Shari'ah Supervisory Board and is transparent with no hidden charges.
UAE nationals and expatriates can apply, it is not necessary to be Muslim to apply.
25 years.
You are required to open a Current Account with Mashreq Al Islami. Your monthly payments will be recovered from this account.

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