Explore our state-of-the-art of finance solutions.

Our finance solutions are driven by innovation and inspired by the ever-changing market and expectations of our customers. Our team of experts with local and international experience give our customers an edge in all their banking and financing needs.

Pre-shipment Financing

Pre-shipment Financing means that the exporter applies for the special short-term financing for the purpose of preparing goods for export based on the export contract or order.

Discounting Invoice / Cheque /PPC

Discounting against invoices, cheques and project payment certificates can be availed by Clients to receive upfront payment and optimise their future cashflows. Discounting can be tailored to suit the requirement for pre-acceptance or post–acceptance stage.


Factoring refers to receivable finance solutions where Mashreq Al Islami discounts the receivables upfront.

Musharakah Overdraft

Our Musharakah Overdraft product can meet your immediate Shari’ah compliant funding needs quickly and swiftly. This product is based on the concept of Musharakah (commercial partnership) whereby we enter into the operating activities of your business. Based on the Shari’ah principles of Musharakah, Mashreq Al Islami invests in operating activities of your business. We share Gross Profit as per agreed ratio and loss in proportion to our investment in the total Musharakah capital.

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