Cash Management Solutions

We provide solutions and assist our clients to manage their cash positions across various geographies.

Our Services

Cash & Cheque Collections

Banking cash is a time consuming and resource-intensive activity that has to be managed by companies on a day-to-day basis. MashreqSafecash has been designed to match the business requirements of corporate customers and allows them to entrust this key need to a bank-managed service. Companies can select from a range of value-added features offered by the service. All cash collected is credited to the company's concentration account for easy utilisation of funds. Customers can use a secure document pick-up and delivery solution using a bank-managed courier service.

Bulk Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines

We are always working towards making your banking experience as convenient as possible. In this endeavour, we’ve introduced our Bulk Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines, which will allow you to make bulk cheque deposit and clear your deposited cheques. This ensures faster credit into your account, helping you stay on top of your business needs. We are pleased to announce that Mashreq Al Islami is the first and only bank in the region to offer this service.

Smart Cash Deposit Machine (Client Premises)

Mashreq Al Islami is now offering the convenience of on-site cash deposits from the comfort of your premises. This exciting innovation is part of MashreqMonster (Bulk Cash Deposit Machine) – a concept which Mashreq Al Islami has pioneered in our region.

Virtual Accounts

Virtual Account service is designed to facilitate collection of receivables & efficient reconciliation process, by providing accurate payer information to Mashreq Al Islami clients.

Direct Debit

The UAE Central Bank brings you a simple, secure and fully automated system that helps regularise recurring payment transactions for mortgage cheques, financing EMIs, credit card bills, utility bills, etc. - reducing the need for issuing and handling paper instruments.

Payments and Channels

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