Syndication & Security Agency Services

We have strong syndication capabilities to execute large complex transactions and also provide agency solutions to our clients.

We offer the best ‘Syndication & Security Agency solutions’ to clients by performing multiple roles such as Mandate Lead Arranger (MLA), Book Runner, Facility Agent, Security Agent/Trustee & Escrow Agent. We have proven expertise and an impressive track record of delivering several landmark transactions for Corporate & Institutional clients from across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Facility Agent

Mashreq Al Islami provides facility agent services for Islamic transactions

Expertise in handling Agency Arrangements.
Facilitate the efficient and effective documentation and monitoring of transactions.
Deal administration, including processing utilization requests, principal and profit payments, fees, rate resets and amendments, consents and waivers.

Security Agent / Trustee

Accepting all types of Shari’ah-compliant securities including Shari’ah-approved Share Pledge, Islamic Account Pledge, Movable Assets Pledge & Mortgages.

Originate, structure and execute security agency agreements.
Bank of choice for DIFC-registered financiers, NBFIs, fund houses & non-UAE banks.
Experience in dealing at the Land Department and with the notarization process.

Escrow Agent

We provide Escrow arrangements for a wide variety of transactions including Mergers & Acquisitions, Large Real Estate Acquisitions, Global Trade, Litigation and Regulatory requirements.
Standardised Escrow Agreements to simplify the documentation process, negotiation times and minimize legal cost.
Smooth execution for seamless transfer of funds as per the agreed terms of the Counterparties.

Sukuk Markets

Mashreq Al Islami has the expertise to arrange and underwrite Sukuk in both investment-grade and high-yield markets. We provide financing advice to our clients and have been instrumental in origination and distribution of various Sukuk transactions with an excellent track record.
Our experience across currencies, countries, markets and asset classes helps us assist clients achieve their capital-raising objectives in the capital markets.
Working closely with our risk management and treasury partners, we provide comprehensive financing solutions for clients across industry segments.
We also provide our clients, issuers and investors alike, with a fortnightly Market Update to keep them abreast of market trends through the year.
We have expertise in arranging complex Sukuk transactions across the rating spectrum.

Syndicated Financing

Mashreq Al Islami is the leading arranger and underwriter of Syndication Financing for the following client/product categories:
Term Financing for a Corporate: Mashreq Al Islami has partnered with a significant number of corporates, both large and mid-market, including debut borrowers, in arranging syndicated financing for the purpose of capital expenditure (capex), financing, or general corporate purposes, for tenors in line with market practice. 
Financial Institutions: Mashreq Al Islami is an active arranger of syndicated financing for FIs in Africa, MENA as well as South Asia. Moreover, our financing distribution reach extends across syndicated markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Leveraged Buyouts: Mashreq Al Islami facilitates sponsors and companies in their endeavour to acquire new businesses. Our ability to structure non-recourse facilities, underwrite and subsequently syndicate to a wider group of banks, in a seamless manner, is well acknowledged by acquisitive counter-parties.
Structured Trade Solutions: The platform is involved in exploring efficient financing solutions around the working capital cycle of key clients and has the ability and track-record to devise innovative structures that can ultimately be syndicated across market participants.

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