Foreign Exchange Solutions

At Mashreq Al Islami, Business Banking, we understand your business requirements and provide solutions on various Foreign Exchange (FX) products to minimize FX risk and offer competitive rates on wide range of foreign currencies.

Our experienced team of specialists are equipped with the knowledge and technology, enabling us to provide you with world-class service and a comprehensive product range - helping you manage the exposure on currencies and rates that are associated with international trade.

Some of the Features include

Access to over 30 currencies from GCC, Europe, Asia, Sub-continent and Americas
FX Cash, Spot, Forwards, Options and Swaps
Takes care of your daily FX requirements
Special FX Rates
Preferential exchange rates offered as per transaction value, if applicable
Structured Deposits and Notes
Potential to earn a higher profits than a standard deposit
Cash Exchange Services
Buy EUR, GBP or USD against AED at our select branches at competitive exchange rates and processing fees
Dedicated and expert customer services and support via our Call Center and Branches

Other benefits include:

Product bundling with Islamic Business checking Current Account (BCA)
Cash / Spot Forex lines without any collateral to cover Forex exposure on spot basis
Specialized FX Advisors to provide expert services
Access to World Currency Market through FX & Rate Service desk

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