Foreign Exchange & Money Transfers

At Mashreq Al Islami we offer fast and convenient solutions for all your foreign exchange and money transfer needs.

Money Transfers

Send money anywhere , anytime.

Quick Remit

A faster way to send business payments to more than 35 countries in the world.

Instant or same day credit.

Transparent with flat fees and no correspondent bank charges.

Convenient and secure 24/7.

International Money transfer

Send any amount, anytime in more than 30 currencies, anywhere.

Attractive exchange rates, updated every 30 minutes.

Worldwide coverage.

Safe and secure.

Money Transfers

Our Services

Instant transfer to any UAE banks
24/7 instant credit for all transfers less than 10,000 AED to any bank connected to immediate payment instruction (IPI).
Fast transfer within Mashreq accounts
Quick and easy Mashreq-to-Mashreq transfers 24/7.
Easy high value transfers
It's simple to send any amount, to any bank in the UAE connected to IPI.

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