How to escalate to the Central Bank

If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to you by our bank for your complaint you may pursue external mediation and escalate your complaint to the Central Bank. The role of the Central Bank is to act as an impartial mediator. After verifying that you first pursued mediation with your bank and that your complaint falls under the bank’s mandate, an agent will collect your information regarding the complaint, and then work with you and your bank to come to a resolution. The Central Bank aims to provide you with a final decision within 15 days however, some issues are complex, and sometimes involve third parties. These complaints may take longer to resolve.

What complaints can I Escalate?

You can escalate complaints given any of the following conditions:
You are not satisfied with the final decision provided by your bank; or
Your bank has not provided you with a resolution within 60 days of complaint submission; or
Your bank refuses to accept your complaint.

What should I not Escalate?

While any complaint related to financial products and services is accepted at your bank, there are select cases which fall outside of the Central Bank’s mandate and which it will not be able to resolve. If you contact the Central Bank with a complaint that falls outside of its mandate, it will notify you of the appropriate authority.
Cases that have been addressed by your bank over 6 months ago (Note: this refers to when the bank provided you with a resolution, not when the issue or complaints originated)
Matters that are currently the subject of legal proceedings or have already been dealt with by a court
General comments on products and services

How can I Escalate my complaint?

Contact the Central Bank and explain your issue. They will either accept your complaint or refer you to the most relevant authority. The Central Bank will provide you with a reference number, which you can use to follow up. Once a decision is reached, the Central Bank will notify you via email or SMS. All services provided by the Central Bank are free of charge. If the Central Bank does not reach a resolution or you are not happy with the resolution, you have the right to pursue legal options.

How do I file a complaint with the Central Bank?

You have three options to file a complaint with the Central Bank:
Through our Consumer Happiness Centre (Central Bank headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Sunday to Thursday - from 9AM to 2PM); or
Through our Call Centre (for People of Determination and/or Seniors only) 800 – CBUAE (22823), 9AM to 2PM.
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