Mashreq Al Islami wins the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) Excellence Award 2023

Mashreq Al Islami has been awarded the GIFA Excellence Award for Islamic Banking Window Operations 2023 in recognition of its commitment and transformation of Islamic Banking Operations to enhance the customer experience. The dedication and focus on Shari’ah Compliant banking is evident not only through its innovative and best-in-class offerings benchmarked against regional banks and international financial institutions, but also the back-end Operational Processes & Support has been unmatched in terms of customer experience. Drawing from the pioneering legacy of the Mashreq Group, Mashreq Al Islami has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of Operational Transformations as its widely understood that Shari’ah compliant transactions require lengthier processes and strict sequencing to ensure the regulatory guidelines are met. Mashreq Al Islami's progressive vision, driven by the bank’s leadership has manifested in its continuous leap forward to expand digital solutions across Personal Banking, Wealth Management, and Business Banking. This focus on digitization ensures that our clientele, who seek Shari’ah-compliant solutions, do not have to compromise on the cutting-edge features and benefits. In essence, Mashreq Al Islami's dedication to strike a balance between tradition and innovation, coupled with its customer-centric approach, makes it a deserving recipient of the GIFA Excellence Award for Islamic Banking Window Operations 2023.

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