Mashreq Al Islami named the best Islamic Digital Bank- Global

By Euromoney Islamic Finance Awards - 2023

It is with great pleasure and immense pride we announce Mashreq Al Islami's remarkable achievement in being awarded the prestigious title of "Best Islamic Digital Bank across the Globe" by Euromoney Awards 2023. This significant accomplishment is a testament of our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional Islamic financial solutions to both our individual and institutional clients. Mashreq Al Islami's digitally enabled capabilities have set new benchmarks in our industry, enabling us to deliver seamless, straight-through solutions and services through our unrivaled digital channels. Our achievements surpass not only our peers in the UAE but also those in the wider region. With each passing year, Mashreq Al Islami continues to prove that an Islamic bank can disrupt the regional market through industry-leading digital capabilities, even without vast scale. This prestigious accolade not only acknowledges our exceptional performance but also solidifies our impact on the region's development in Islamic banking and finance. It serves as a testament to our dedication, expertise, and the trust our clients place in us.

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