For over five decades Mashreq has resonated strongly with the values of the UAE and ensured that its culture is well preserved and evolved with the changing times. So I am especially proud of all that we have achieved with Mashreq Al Islami.

As the oldest financial institution to operate in the UAE, we have been driven by innovation in all aspects of our business; and I am happy to say that through Mashreq Al Islami, we offer a range of Shari’ah Compliant Products & Services that are unmatched by any other financial institutions, anywhere in the region. Our commitment towards the needs of our people speaks for itself. We were the first to launch a complete digital banking proposition and we have been honoured with prestigious awards such as Best Islamic Innovative Banking Solutions and Products 2018 by Islamic Business & Finance Awards, and more; cementing our position as industry leaders. I encourage you to explore our Mashreq Al Islami products & services and know that we truly stand by our promise and commitment towards helping the people of this nation achieve their dreams and goals. Best Regards, Ahmed Abdelaal Group Chief Executive Officer

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