Foreign Currency Accounts

Mashreq Al Islami offers Foreign Currency Accounts in major currencies globally, offering you the convenience and flexibility while managing your funds.

Now you can open a Foreign Currency Account in just a few clicks. No trips to the bank, no complicated paperwork - simply login to MashreqOnline and open your account instantly.

Features & Benefits

  • Open your account instantly
  • Accounts available in EUR, CAD, USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY and SAR.
  • Enjoy unrestricted transactional banking on these accounts
  • Supported by standing instructions
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal supported at select branches

Open a foreign currency account

  • Login to MashreqOnline
  • Select ‘Foreign Currency Account’ under ‘New Account Opening ‘
  • Select the currency in which the account is required
  • IBAN and account number are instantly generated and shared via your registered email address