Foreign Currency Accounts

Foreign Currency Accounts

Mashreq Al Islami offers Foreign Currency Accounts in major currencies globally, offering you the convenience and flexibility while managing your funds.

Now you can open a Foreign Currency Account in just a few clicks. No trips to the bank, no complicated paperwork - simply login to MashreqOnline and open your account instantly.

Features & Benefits

  • Open your account instantly
  • Accounts available in EUR, CAD, USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY and SAR.
  • Enjoy unrestricted transactional banking on these accounts
  • Supported by standing instructions
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal supported at select branches

Open a Foreign Currency Account

  • Login to MashreqOnline
  • Select ‘Foreign Currency Account’ under ‘New Account Opening ‘
  • Select the currency in which the account is required
  • IBAN and account number are instantly generated and shared via your registered email address