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Personal Finance for Expatriates

At Mashreq Al Islami, we understand the importance of the decisions you make and their financial implications. Which is why we offer you Personal Finance that helps take the load off your shoulder. With our Sharia'h compliant solutions, we make it easier for you to attain your goals and fulfill your dreams.


  • High Finance amount
  • Comfortable repayment tenor
  • Competitive fixed profit rate
  • Quick and easy processing

How It Works

Mashreq Al Islami Personal finance is a Sharia'h Compliant Islamic lending and is based on the Islamic principle of Tawarruq. Tawarruq is a financial transaction in which a customer purchases a commodity from a seller/bank on a deferred payment basis, and then sells the same commodity to a third party on a spot payment basis.

Takaful Terms & Conditions