Additional Finance Facility

As a valued Mashreq Al Islami customer with a good payment history, you can use our additional finance facility.

What is Additional Finance facility?

It is a type of finance that extends your lending limit on an existing finance.
Many of our customers get an additional finance facility to cover upcoming financial needs. Sometimes, these needs are spontaneous and unexpected - therefore the easiest way to pay for them is to get an additional finance facility from Mashreq Al Islami.

Like with any product we offer, the amount is based on what you can realistically afford to repay - so the size of your additional finance is always sensible.

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The insurance feature of Takaful Credit Shield, (“Product”) is being provided by Islamic Arab Insurance Company (“Salama”) pursuant to terms and conditions of the Takaful Policy (“Takaful Policy”) found on this page. It must be noted that the Takaful policy relating to this Product may be amended by Salama from time to time. The customer understands and acknowledges that any amendment or modification to the Takaful Policy will be updated on this page without further notice to the customer. The customer hereby confirms that it shall be its duty to be informed of the contents of the Takaful Policy (including any amendments thereof) at all times by visiting this page.
For all intents and purposes, nothing contained on this page or Mashreqbank’s website and/or the Takaful Policy shall be deemed to create an agency, joint venture, amalgamation, partnership between Mashreqbank psc and Salama. Salama shall be solely responsible for any and all claims by the customer under the Takaful Policy and payout of any claims to the customer shall at all times be subject to the terms of the Takaful Policy provided by Salama, over which Mashreq exercise no control whatsoever

*Terms and conditions apply.


  • Your additional finance amount can go up to 20 times your salary
  • The maximum amount can go up to AED 1,000,000 for Expatriate & AED 3,000,000 for Emiratis
  • Your finance instalment, along with your overall monthly instalments must stay below 50% of your salary
  • If you have a salary increment, receive company benefits such as accommodation or own a separate form of extra variable income - then your eligibility may be increased
  • Your finance tenor can go up to a maximum of 48 months
The assessment process is quick and simple.
Your eligibility to qualify is based on the following:
  • Your employer needs to be part of the list of Mashreq-approved companies
  • You need to be earning a minimum salary of AED 7000
  • Your salary should be transferred to Mashreq / Mashreq Al Islami (if not already)
If your income has changed since applying for your current finance and you would like your eligibility to be reconsidered, then you are required to provide a New Salary Certificate. Beyond that, you will need:
  • A security cheque with the requested finance amount
  • A completed finance application form (we provide you with the incomplete version first)
  • A copy of your passport*
  • Valid Emirates ID
    *Valid residence visa is only required if the copy you provided to get your existing finance with us has expired
You may currently have an active finance from Mashreq Al Islami. An additional finance facility is used to extend your current lending amount.
This also extends the repayment period for both finances (the original + your additional facility) to a single date.
There are a two simple ways to apply for an additional finance facility from Mashreq Al Islami.
  • Call us on +971 4 424 4411
  • Click Apply Now and give us the details of your application via the quick online form

You are not committed to anything by calling us for a chat. We're happy to talk you through your options and answer any questions.