Mudarabah Term Investment account

Whether it’s short term or long term, our term investment solutions offer you returns based on the Mudarabah principle of profit-sharing. You can be assured of your funds being put in a common pool of Shariah investments to generate the best possible return.


  • Make investments starting at AED 10,000 in all major currencies (AED, US$, GBP, Euro)
  • Competitive profit rates (announced quarterly)
  • Automatic rollover facility at maturity.
  • Flexible investment tenures range from 1month to 1 year
  • Book your fixed deposits on line through Mashreq Islami online as an existing customer
  • Premature withdrawals will be eligible for the rate of the last completed tenor. Minimum term period of 1 month is required to be eligible for profit payout in case of premature (full) withdrawal of deposit
  • Quick & easy processing
  • Free online banking access
  • Free tele-banking services

Profit Distribution Weightages

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  • Minimum investment equivalent to AED 10,000
  • Current or Savings account with Mashreq Al Islami is mandatory
*Terms & Conditions apply


  • Application form
  • Passport/Labor Card in original for ID verification

Mashreq Salaam Rewards

Easily earn points for all your Islamic retail banking solutions such as Saving Accounts, Term Investments, Home/Auto and Personal Finance, and also on Mashreq Debit cards.

Important Notes

  • Profit Equalization Reserve: The Bank maintains a Profit Equalization Reserve (PER) for the purpose of smoothening the returns to the Mudarabah account holders. The PER is deducted from Mudarabah income before deduction of the Bank’s share.
  • Investment Risk Reserve: The Bank maintains an Investment Risk Reserve (IRR) for the purpose of protecting the Mudarabah account holders from any investment losses in the future. The IRR is deducted from Mudarabah income after deduction of the Bank’s share.


As disclosed by the Bank on a quarterly basis.
Under the Mudarabah (Fund management) arrangement, depositor (Rab Al-Mal) authorizes the bank (Mudareb) to invest the deposit according to the unrestricted Mudarabah. Funds of the term investment and Savings accounts are invested according to unrestricted Mudarabah basis in the joint investing pool between the depositors and the shareholders and the realized net profits from the joint investment pool are distributed between the depositors according to their respective shares in investment
Not applicable. There is no credit facility (overdraft) against term investment account.
The customer has to have a current or savings account.