Easy Saver Accounts

The Easy Saver from Mashreq Al Islami gives you the ideal combination of flexibility and ease of operation. Based on the Mudarabah principle, you can enjoy earning returns on profit-sharing

If you are already a Mashreq Al Islami customer you can take advantage of our convenient online banking services to open your Easy Saver account instantly.


  • Available in AED and USD
  • No minimum balance requirement or monthly fee
  • Unlimited free online account-to-account money transfers within Mashreq*
  • With no Debit card, there is less temptation to withdraw your hard-earned savings
  • Profit as per the Mudarabah Pool rates
  • Profit Payment on a quarterly basis

Profit Distribution Weightages

Click here to view Profit Rates 2021


  • Instant account setup with One click account opening for existing current / savings account holders through Mashreq Islami Online
  • Open up to 10 free easy saver accounts through Mashreq Islami Online and Personalize each one of them with the nick name feature
  • You can now choose to save automatically on the Easy Saver account with the help of a Standing Instruction


  • Minimum monthly Income of AED 5,000
  • UAE residence visa holders
  • Non-residents on a visit or transit visa


  • Application form
  • Valid Passport with residence visa page for Expatriates/Emirates I.D
  • In case of non-residents, a 2 month bank statement from country of residence

Mashreq Salaam Rewards

Easily earn points for all your Islamic retail banking solutions such as Savings Accounts, Term Investments, Home/Auto and Personal Finance, and also on Mashreq Debit cards


Yes, a non-resident may open a Savings account with the bank. In addition to a valid passport, you will be required to provide a 2-month bank statement from the country of your residence.
As disclosed by the Bank on a quarterly basis.
Under the Mudarabah (Fund management) arrangement, depositor (Rab Al-Mal) authorizes the bank (Mudareb) to invest the deposit according to the unrestricted Mudarabah. Funds of the term investment and Savings accounts are invested according to unrestricted Mudarabah basis in the joint investing pool between the depositors and the shareholders and the realized net profits from the joint investment pool are distributed between the depositors according to their respective shares in investment