Shari’ah Governance and Compliance

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Sharia'h Governance & Compliance

At Mashreq Al Islami, we are committed to the framework and values of Sharia'h. Our in-house Sharia'h Governance & Compliance department is extensively involved in:

  • Supervising Sharia'h Certification of all sales and relationship personnel at Mashreq
  • Providing advance training on the principles of Islamic law of financial transactions
  • Involved in the development of Sharia'h Compliant products and structuring of Sharia'h Compliant transactions
  • Assuring that all Islamic products and services are duly approved by Sharia'h Supervisory Board
  • Maintaining the custody of all Islamic products and services documentation
  • Issuing Fatwas from Sharia'h Supervisory Board
  • Conducting Shari’ah Compliance Reviews of the bank and its subsidiaries