For the privileged few

Gold Easy Saver

Enjoy attractive returns on your deposit in a Shariah-compliant manner. Features and benefits include

  • Profit rates are announced and credited on a quarterly basis to your respective account.
  • It can be opened online with a click of a button, in multiple currencies and durations.
  • Mudarabah Term Investment accounts are also available to non-resident account holders

Enjoy the flexibility of 1 Debit Transaction from your Easy Saver Account in a month without impacting the interest payment for that month. If you do more than 1 Debit Transaction within a month, then interest for that month is forfeited and will not be credited to your account. Standing Order, Loan recovery, Utility Payments & Card Payments are not considered while calculating the number of monthly Debit Transactions

Profit Distribution Weightages Click here to view Profit Rates