For the privileged few

Shariah Compliant Structured Products

  • Structured Notes also include Capital Protected Products; which protect individual investment for those with low risk appetite. Structured product investments range from short to long term. You can choose the time period that is right for you based on your investment outlook and time horizon.
  • Mashreq Al Islami has added this Structured Investment product to its Investment Product Suite in order to provide a Shariah compliant solution to the Customers with an alternative to conventional capital guaranteed Investment products.
  • Structured Murabaha is a capital protected investment product where the return on the investment is based on the performance of the underlying benchmark / index.
  • The underlying Shariah Compliant benchmarks could be;
    • All Currency pairs
    • Natural Resources (Oil, Natural gas...)
    • Base metals (Aluminum, Copper...)
    • Precious metal (Platinum, Rhodium, Gold, Silver...)
    • Agricultural products (Corn, Cotton, Sugar, Coffee, Wheat...)
    • Sharia’h indices of various Equities indexes
  • Structured Murabaha Investment is a combination of a Commodity Murabaha and a promise (Wa’ad) to enter in another Commodity Murabaha at the end of the investment period for the profit amount.