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Mashreq Al Islami Mutual Funds

At Mashreq Al Islami, investing your funds in a Shariah Compliant fund is a matter of investing your trust. Mashreq Asset Management business was established in early 2004, which runs and manages the best performing Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds in the region.

Their range of options stem from extensive knowledge and professional expertise on the Middle Eastern markets, and provide both equity and fixed income solutions that span from investment expertise to Institutional and Retail solutions in the Shari’ah compliant space.

Mashreq Asset Management’s investment philosophy revolves around a disciplined approach to risk taking. They have a dedicated team of Investment Analysts whose full time activity is to conduct both top down and bottom up analysis on the markets and companies in our investment universe.

Mashreq Asset Management has always taken pride in the skilful team of investment professionals who carry a wealth of experience globally. Moreover, it is the 'fiduciary culture' within Asset Management team, which ensures the optimum accountability of the funds / portfolio managers.