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Islamic Treasury Solutions

Islamic FX Forward

Mashreq Al Islami offers a Shari'ah compliant solution to manage the currency exposures against adverse fluctuations. Islamic FX Forward utilizes the 'Wa'ad' structure to allow companies and business set ups to hedge forward FX exposures under the structure which is approved by our Shariah Supervisory Board.

Islamic Spot

Effective preferential exchange rates offered on spot for the business banking customers engaging in FX transactions and remittances.

Islamic Structured Deposits

Islamic Structured Deposits are done on Structured Murabaha. Structured Murabaha is a capital protected investment product where the return on the investment is based on the performance of the underlying benchmark / index. These can be linked to a variety of asset classes like equities, commodities (natural resources, base metals, precious metals, and agricultural products), Shari'ah Compliant funds or a combination of above.