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Chairman's Message

Welcome to "Mashreq Al Islami" the Islamic Banking Arm of Mashreq.

The integration of Islamic finance in the global economy is a significant development in today's financial world. To further enhance our Islamic offerings, we have decided to capitalize our Islamic products and services on the strength of the existing Mashreq brand. We intend to build it further by offering high standard Sharia'h Compliant products and services. Mashreq Al Islami will effectively use the well established Mashreq distribution network to provide Islamic products and services to you across entire UAE conveniently.

Our Islamic Banking operations and values as a Sharia'h Compliant financial institution will be maintained at the highest standards. We have taken the initiative to Sharia'h certify all sales and relationship team who will be selling Islamic products and services. Additionally, our commitment to offer Islamic products and services will reflect in our initiative to "Sell Islamic First" through our financial group.

Mashreq Al Islami's aim is to play an active role in the growth of Islamic financial services within the UAE and beyond, at both business and personal banking.

We look forward to deliver the best Islamic financial solutions to you.

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair