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CEO's Message

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to 'Mashreq Al Islami', the Islamic Banking Arm of the Mashreq Group, which offers one of the most comprehensive suites of Sharia'h Compliant Products & Services to individual and Institutional clientele.

Mashreq Al Islami is successfully challenging the traditional cliché of Sharia'h Compliant Products & Services; by using Innovation as our forte at each and every customer touch point and with a commitment to superior service, we have been able to break many stereotypes.

Our ambition is to position Mashreq Al Islami as a one stop Premier Islamic Banking Solutions provider which is evident from the fact that our range of products and services is unmatched across all spectrums of Personal Banking, Business Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate & Institutional Banking, and Sharia'h Compliant Treasury Solutions.

Recognizing the tremendous ground covered by Mashreq Al Islami, the Industry Jurists have adjudicated us as the winners of 'Best Islamic Window 2014', and 'Innovative Islamic Solutions Provider UAE 2014'.

We are supervised and guided by one of the most credible and respectable Sharia's Scholars in the world, and our Corporate Governance and Shariah Compliance functions ensure that we continue to offer a high quality of Shariah Compliant Products across all spectrums.

We will continue to provide our customers with differentiated and advanced offerings towards their evolving needs.

Ibrahim Al Mhieri

Chief Executive Officer