Get A Personal Finance Without Transferring Your Salary

Non Salary Transfer Finance for Expatriates

Get a personal finance of up to AED 150,000, in UAE without a salary transfer just by applying here with Mashreq Al Islami. ‘No salary transfer’ means you have to declare your salary but not transfer it, in order to avail the finance facility. With competitive profit rates for whatever you need – from buying a car to paying your children’s school fees.

Non-Salary Transfer Finances

It is often hard to get proof of income to obtain finance, or you may just not want to transfer your salary – either way, this hassle-free application process helps you get the finance you need. An expat finance facility without a salary transfer can be processed rapidly if you need it fast, and it doesn’t require any collateral or guarantors.

Mashreq Al Islami Personal Finance

Mashreq Al Islami Non Salary Transfer Finance for Expatriates has been created specifically for the individual’s needs. We listen to our customers and try to give them the best finance for their needs – whatever they are.


Our requirements are limited for a Non Salary Transfer Personal Finance Facility. For Expatriates in UAE, we recognise that it’s sometimes hard to get finance, so we try to make it as accessible to everybody as we can.

  • Minimum Salary required is AED 7,000/-
  • The finance installment along with the overall monthly regular installments for the customer should not exceed 50% of the customer’s monthly salary
  • Minimum finance amount is AED 10,000/- & maximum up to AED 150,000/-


There is always certain documentation needed in order to get any form of finance, and here we have laid out our basic needs of proof of identity, to help you get started with obtaining finance.

  • Valid Passport Copy with Valid residence visa for Expatriates
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid Salary Certificate
  • Latest 3 months Bank statement (If working for a company under the Approved list) or 6 months Bank statement (If working for an Unapproved company) with salary credits
  • Security Cheque with the requested finance amount
  • Personal Finance application form – “will be provided by Mashreq Al Islami”
  • UAEDDS for Non Mashreq / Mashreq Al Islami customers

  • What is the minimum and maximum finance amount Mashreq Al Islami can offer?
    The finance amount which Mashreq Al Islami can offer is from AED 10,000 up to AED 150,000 per finance.

  • What are the applicable profit rates?
    Our profit rates are competitive in the market and are dependent on your income and the period over which you wish to repay.

  • What kind of collaterals do I need?
    You do not need any collateral or guarantors.

  • Do I get any special benefits?
    You automatically get a host of benefits:
    • Access to 43+ branches
    • 24 hour telephone banking
    • Earn Salaam Rewards Points

  • What is the minimum and maximum tenor I can apply for?
    The minimum tenor is 6 months and the maximum tenor you can apply for is up to 48 months, depending on your choice, eligibility and ease of repayment.

  • What is the eligibility criterion to apply for Non Salary Transfer Finance for Expatriates?
    Salaried UAE resident expatriates working for employers which are on Mashreq list of approved or unapproved* companies.

  • Can this finance facility be given to unconfirmed employees?
    No, we do have a separate program for customers who are New to UAE/Employer & employed in Mashreq list of approved companies.

  • What is the minimum salary required to apply for this finance facility?
    Our Minimum Salary requirement starts from AED 7,000.

  • When should I start paying back my finance?
    The 1st payment due date has to be linked to your salary credit date & within 60 days of the disbursal date.

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